ADAORA is an inspirational singer and songwriter based in Maryland, USA. Originally from Nigeria, she likes to describe her style of music as truly inspirational and diverse, resonating across various cultures and ethnicities, particularly African. She believes that the fundamental reason for her existence is to praise and worship God, and lead limitless worshippers into God’s throne room. These convictions and the testimonies in her life experiences are translated into the songs that she writes. Adaora started her music career at the age of seven in Nigeria as a chorister. She later joined a popular group (in Enugu, Nigeria) known as “The Psalmist” before relocating to the USA.
Adaora’s most recent single titled “I Can” features the Jamaican Dancehall legend Papa San. Prior to “I Can”, Adaora released her EP project – Nothing Can Hold Me Down. As with all her projects, the songs on this EP and her debut album titled “For His Worship” were inspired in a place of worship and are engendered as an invitation for true worshippers to engage in a spectacular encounter of God’s presence. Adaora sees to present a limitless experience of gospel music that reflects her individuality as well as her African roots. Songs on her debut album include “Papa”, which topped the charts in countdowns on real power radio station in Enugu for several weeks after its release, and “I Can”, “Take all my Praise”, “Come and See” continue to make great impact on internet and African radios, and TV station across Africa. Adaora hosts a bi annual worship concert titled Chain Breaking Worship with Adaora. Adaora has ministered alongside Don Moen, Detrick Haddon, Sinach, Mike Aremu, Joe Praize, Jumbo etc. Adaora is effective in large and small audience mostly because of her ministration style and there continues to be breath-taking testimonies from people that have been blessed by her music. She had the awesome opportunity of ministering in music to over 3000 worshippers at Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) annual convention in Dallas, Texas and Festival of Life in Dover, Delaware. The impact of her ministration is equally felt with diverse audiences including women (Blessed Peach Church COGIC women’s conference), multi-racial groups (Peace Makers International), and cooperate bodies (Pink, Breast cancer awareness) just to mention a few. She has appeared on Good News with Bishop Greg Davis on the Impact Network and Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb just to mention a few.
Coming from humble beginnings, Adaora have always counted herself privileged to have enjoyed numerous opportunities. Consequently, she has dedicated her life to service. She has served in the U. S. Air Force for 18 years contributing to keeping global peace. In her church, RCCG, Mercy Seat Chapel Gaithersburg Maryland, she works alongside her husband as a youth minister and Young Adults and Singles Ministry (YASM) coordinator and serves as a praise worship leader. Before moving to Maryland, she was the music director at RCCG, Mountain of the Lord Parish, Ypsilanti Michigan, USA for 4 years. Adaora is the founder of “Proud of My Afric Heritage”, a project that seeks to instill acceptance of African cultural values in her community, and in first generation American children born to African parents in the Diaspora. These children often experience emotional bullying. Adaora is linking up with foundations in Nigeria to run programs aimed at raising funds to assist the resolution of youth endemic issues. Adaora holds a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and works with Leidos as a biomedical scientist. She is happily married to Anosike Nwokoye and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters. Adaora would like to connect with you on her social media handles Facebook: adaorasings, Instagram: adaoramusic, Twitter: @adaoramusic. Her music videos are on YouTube.


Adaora also dedicates her time to mentoring, especially young children. Her desire for mentorship soon became elevated after she started to discover the need to bridge the disconnect that children born to African parents felt due to pressures of being part of two heritages – African and American. She noticed that the children she interacted with, most times only wanted to associate with their American heritage due to perceived negative symbolisms of Africa perpetuated by the media. For these children it was only okay to be African at home or around their family members. In school, they did not want any of it. Adaora created Proud of my Afric Heritage campaign (PoMAHC) to reach out to such children. PoMAHC is a campaign to increase awareness of emotional bullying toward first generation American children born to African parents and young African immigrants. This campaign allows adults that have had similar experiences to share the strategies they have employed to overcome their fears with these children. The campaign helps children struggling with their African identity to embrace their African heritage, learn how to become comfortable in their own skin, flaunt their cultural heritage, and not be ashamed or apologetic. Adaora hopes more people get onboard, mentor these children and make a difference.

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Proud of my African Heritage

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